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Bach in the Subways

Connected to the famous composer, Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday, there is a special program held all around the world including …

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Mangalica Festival

This festival has became a tradition in the last 5 years. Now it is held on February 10-12 at Széchenyi …

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Carnival Season

Carnival Season of February is called Farsang in Hungary. It is a festive period that lasts several weeks in February.  …

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Lógó táskák a Design week Budapesten

Budapest Design Week

Design Anatomy is the theme the 12th Design Week is focused at. The program series motivates the entire Hungarian design profession and …

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Capa Központ

Total Records – album cover exhibition

More than 400 iconic album covers are on display in Capa Center’s exhibition titled Total Records – The great adventure …

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Budavári Borfesztivál logo

Buda Castle Wine Festival

Each year the best Hungarian wines can be tasted at the Buda Castle Wine Festival in the Royal Castle. This …

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Elvarázsolt kastély

Magic Castle – Interactive Game

Mystical adventure in the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture between March 19 – May 01. Walking around the Magic Castle, visitors …

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Csontváry: Önarckép

Csontváry Exhibition

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka is one of the most influential figures of Hungarian fine arts, a painter whose works are highly popular internationally. His works …

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Art Deco

Pop Artist Exhibition

Ludwig Museum​ Goes Pop and The East Side Story Exhibition of iconic works of the most well-known pop artists: Jasper Johns, …

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